Inner Freedom Process

A unique empowering journey

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Online, Spring 2021


Online, Winter, 2021


This training blends personal development and leadership tools through an empowering and experience-based program that prepares participants to discover their gifts and bring them into the world.

Inner Freedom System

Facilitator Training

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Sweden / Germany, 2019 - 2021


  ***This program is already fully booked***

Sweden / Germany, May 2021


Free to lead

Testimonies from Graduates

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Sweden, May 2021


Germany, May 2021


We are in an unprecedented time in history, where the world is changing with amazing speed. This training blends personal development and leadership tools especially designed to prepare participants to thrive in their private and professional lives. This is an empowering and experience-based program.

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A transformative journey especially designed for those who have already experienced the benefits of Inner Freedom.

This process is for those who wish to become part of the Inner Freedom Institute team.

Conscious Leadership

Free yourself to lead

“The leadership training is pure empowerment for me, my life, my work in this world. My life and being have transformed, I am more of who I am; and I am more of myself in this world!”

“Here I became roots and wings. I made peace with my history and I got the knowhow and the trust for my future. I wish from my heart that every woman on this earth could make this journey to become complete and to carry in this way love into this world.”

“I feel anchored in myself. I feel much more free and at peace with me and the people around me. I am able to hold really strong emotions more and more. My perspective is wider, and to have a wider perspective gives me an overview of situations and the possibility to act and decide much more from my heart, the heart of a grown up.”