Free to Open

Beyond any conflict there is field of peace, purpose and collective intelligence.

Inner Freedom for organizations focuses in finding such field and allowing everyone to experience it and renew their commitment.

The new paradigm of leadership starts within. Once the leader, as an individual finds purpose and meaning, they are able to bring their organization to a coherent experience of success.

Culture Design

‚ÄčMastery of Peaceful Fields

Every member of a project must find their right place in order to give the best of themselves

Inner Freedom for organizations strengthens the invisible field of inclusion in order to create a rooted sense of belonging in every member.

The Gift of Conflict

Mastery of Peaceful Fields

Every organization has a life of its own. The core of its life is the common purpose. 

The Inner Freedom system for organizations brings that purpose to the center of the room as a way of calibrating focus and resources.

Understanding the nature of change and transformation is essential in order to co-create and lead the necessary maps  and road maps of an organization. Change might come in many forms.

Organizational Consulting


Freedom to Live

Executive Consulting

Evolving in a Changing Reality

Vision Alignment

The Science of Purpose

Every organization has a culture whether we are aware of it or not. Discovering its current culture is the first step to bring an entire system to its next level of evolution.


Joy of Relating

Individual Sessions and Mentoring

Team Building

The Power of Belonging


The Path to Thrive

Executive Mentoring

Mastery of Leadership