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Katharina is a permaculture designer and wilderness awareness trainer. She is a member and mentor in the intentional community "Haslachhof" where she currently resides and is also one of their founders. She has been trained and inspired by Michel Odent and Sononfu Somé in natural birth and wilderness leadership. She is an active mother and culture creator for natural and healing environments for children, families and communities.

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Natalia Astudillo is an Integrative Therapist with mention in Acupuncture from the University Pedro de Valdivia of Chile- She also holds a Diploma in Integrative Nutrition from Pedro de Valdivia University of Chile. She graduated from the training of SAAMA Therapy by the Veturian Arana method and from the training of Healing Touch by the Inbound method. Natalia is one of the founders of Ayun Rayen therapy center located in Santiago, Chile. At present she is working as an Integrative Therapist at various acupuncture and integrative therapy centers in Santiago, Chile.

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We like to see the members of our community engaged with one another. We support the mindful connections for our  global network.

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Gesine Paul-Visse is a neurologist and research group leader in neuroscience. She leads various teams in the health care environment in Lund, Sweden. She attended “Human Awakening Program” and “Authentic Female Leadership program” led by Astrid Brinck. Certified in Family constellation techniques according to Bert Hellinger and has taught leadership and communication for medical students.  

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Diploma of Screen, TV & Video production - KvB Institute of Technology/Bond University, Australia. Interactive Visual Simulation - Prosolvia AB, Sweden. Communication & media - Vasa Vuxengymnasium, Sweden. SamaYoga Teacher Training, Sky Akasha, Sweden & Bali
Personal Development, Conflict solving and leadership - Mullingstorp Utbildning och Hälsa, Sweden. Dipl. Masseur - Hälsoteket – Akademin för medicinska utbildningar, Sweden

Astrid Brinck is a contemporary teacher and integrative therapist from Chile. Her work blends the traditional and non-traditional perspectives for human awakening and self mastery. Astrid has done extensive research in various areas of human development, creating a unique and powerful synthesis in her work that integrates Transpersonal Psychology, Sociology, Systemic Theories, Leadership, Aboriginal Wisdom, Wilderness Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance Therapies, Breathwork, Family Order, Empowering Communication, Nutrition, Rites of Passage, Neuroscience and Meditation.

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