We need leadership everywhere – in our lives, in all relationships, in decision making, in our work, in our family, in anything we are doing. Conscious leadership means to be able to lead from a place of integrity and self-knowledge. 

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We specially welcome participants from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

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When you decide to take this training, you embark on a life-transforming journey.

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We specially welcome participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Free to lead

Conscious Leadership Training

Who is this course designed for? 

It is for every person who feels the call to stand in the core of their being, creating and co-creating a life of integrity, inner freedom and authenticity. 

“The leadership training is pure empowerment for me, my life, my work in this world. My life and being have transformed, I am more of who I am; and I am more of myself in this world!”

“Here I became roots and wings. I made peace with my history and I got the knowhow and the trust for my future. I wish from my heart that every woman on this earth could make this journey to become complete and to carry in this way love into this world.”

“I feel anchored in myself. I feel much more free and at peace with me and the people around me. I am able to hold really strong emotions more and more. My perspective is wider, and to have a wider perspective gives me an overview of situations and the possibility to act and decide much more from my heart, the heart of a grown up.”

This training blends personal development and leadership tools through an empowering and experience-based program that prepares women to discover their gifts and bring them into the world.

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Module Fee: TBA 

Online Classes: Included in the Module Fee


A unique empowering journey

Testimonies from Graduates

Inner Freedom Process

In order to be a conscious leader, we must first be able to do our inner work and lead our own lives with maturity and authenticity. Deep inner work creates a ‘fertile soil’, a place where you can explore the maximum potential of the leadership tools. Participants are invited to allow this process to be easy, joyful and filled with grace. 

Leadership Tools

Leadership skills are taught in direct connection with the inner process. These skills enable participants to become conscious leaders in order to inspire and motivate those around them effectively. These skills can be used for leading our lives, families, projects and communities with impeccability, consistency and integrity, creating fields of trust and collaboration. ​

All Inclusive Program: All activities, retreats, online program, guest teachers and special events are included. (Only accomodation and food is paid separately)

Scholarships: We offer two spots with a considerable discount for participants in a vulnerable financial situation. Please inquire for more details.

What is at the core of Conscious Leadership ? 

This training blends personal development and leadership tools through an empowering, transforming and experience-based program that prepares women to discover their gifts and bring them into the world. 

A woman that finds belonging and grounded worthiness within herself is free to lead with integrity, an inclusive perspective and a clear purpose. 

What will we do? 

We will go on a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation to integrate the essential areas of our lives. We will learn to own our stories in order to stand grounded and present in our relationships when using our leadership tools. 

This is a multi-disciplinary program that includes hands on classes, presentations, creative processes, therapeutic integration, movement, ancient techniques, recapitulation methods and more. ​

Some of the tools offered in the training: 
Create nourishing fields and atmospheres 
Solve and prevent conflict  
Understand human systems and group dynamics 
Activate motivation 
Stay centered as a leader 
Recognize and manage emotional triggers 
Free ourselves from the need of external validation 
Complete unfinished circles in all areas of our life 
Learn how to empower with communication tools 
Realize your life purpose 
Create healthy relationships 
Accept and trust personal and professional decisions 

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